Get Creative With Clear Nail Polish

Clear nail polish is a standby item for every woman who cares about the appearance of her nails. It can be painted on by itself when a more natural look is required or it can be painted over your normal colour in order to protect the colour and prevent chipping. It can also be a great standby when you need to get the last few bits of your favorite colour polish out of the bottle or when you need to eke out the colour until your next payday. Or, you can get creative and mix a unique colour for your own nails.

Maybe you like a little bit of that fuchsia colour but want something more toned down for use at work – mix in some of the brighter colour into the clear one. It is kind of like lip gloss for your nails – giving that little lift without being too in your face. Experiment and be sure to take notes so that you can replicate the results if you like them.

You do not even have to make a whole bottle of the new colour if you do not want to – simply pour a bit of the clear varnish into a plastic tub and mix in the required colour until you get the hue that you want – it is exactly like what an artist does. Should you feel that the colour has become too concentrated, add more clear varnish. Don’t stop at the colour either – you can throw in a bit of glitter if you want. (Or some shimmer powder as used by cake decorators). Use your imagination and create a colour that is unique to you.

If you do not like the outcome, no harm done – you can just toss it out. If you do, paint your nails and seal the container. It is a good idea to use an orange stick to mix the colours together or you risk contaminating the brushes from either main polish. If you are going to need a brush to paint the newly mixed colour on, make sure that you do not use the brush from the clear polish. Clean off as much varnish before and after use as you can.

The ultimate aim should be to save up some old varnish bottles for use in creating your own new and individual colours. Who knows – perhaps you may even start the next big trend.

Customized Christmas Cards Versus Traditional Cards

As a person, it is very important for you to celebrate the good times. Here, it is very important for you to celebrate various events that come your way. There are many event types that may come your way where you need to celebrate the gift of life to the maximum. For instance, there are birthday events, thanksgiving events and also Christmas events. In all these events, you need to take your time to share with your friends, relatives and basically any person who is close at you. When you do this, you will have better chances of having a lot of fun. One way of celebrating these events is by the use of a card. Whenever you send someone a good card, they will appreciate the love. They will also understand how you feel about them. When sending good christmas cards, it is very important for you to understand that there are two ways to go about it. For instance, you can decide to go and get already designed shirts. Alternatively, you can decide to get cards that are personalized for you. Therefore, it is very important for you to understand the difference between the traditional cards and the customized cards.

The first main aspect that you get from using the personalized cards is that of having a personal touch to the message. Here, you need to note that when you are sending personalized cards, the recipient of the card will always feel the connection between you and the card. While a connection occurs when you send the other traditional cards, the fact is that there is more connection when it comes to personalized cards. For instance, instead of addressing the message “to a special friend”, you will just have a message such as “Dear Jane”. This will create a very deep connection.

It is also very important for you to note that using quality personalized cards, one will be at a good position to air a particular message that is relevant to the Christmas season. The traditional cards are very good but they tend to air a general message. You want your friend to have the best message for the event.

In addition, taking your time to design the card and send it to a friend really means a lot. Here, it makes him understand and appreciate the value that you have for him. It makes him like you more and more as you have proven that you are a good friend.

The Most Trusted Name In Plumbing

Whenever you have any problem that needs the attention of a plumber, it is very important that you don’t compromise because doing so can lead to massive losses both in terms of money spent in hiring the plumber as well as the property damaged. There are certainly number of people who claim to be plumbers, but it is never easy to separate the wheat from the chaff. Most people turn to the internet whenever they are clueless on where to obtain a particular product or service. However, things have since changed and even the internet is no longer an assurance enough that the type of person you will be dealing with is a true professional. We always have your best interest at heart and that’s why we have stepped in to save you from the conmen who have since taken to the internet. 1300 plumber is the most trusted name in plumbing for people in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Beyond in all matters concerning plumbing.

We are the complete package for all the plumbing services at both the domestic and commercial level. All the plumbers in our registration bureau have to show proof of their qualification by showing the relevant documentation in addition to getting accredited by the relevant registration bodies. We’ve also taken it upon ourselves to give our clients a peace of mind by ensuring that they get clearance from the police regarding any criminal records. These are the kind of people you can freely leave to do their work with minimal supervision because they have a track record to prove that they can do it.

In line with our quality assurance policy, all our plumber Melbourne must have a liability insurance cover. However, the best form of assurance comes from our clients and that’s why we rely heavily on customer feedback to give us a clearer picture of the performance and professionalism of each plumber. Only those who receive positive reviews are allowed to continue working with us.

As part of our model of operation, we always call our clients to follow up on the level of completeness of the job done and we also try to find out how satisfied our clients are with the services they receive. We take each job seriously and we would never turn down a job based on its value.

Some of the services we offer include: kitchen renovation, unblocking of drainages and toilets, hot water system installation, fixing burst pipes, bathroom renovation and so on. Just log on to and get to learn more about our services.